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Info from the Dean


Welcome new and returning students to Independence High School, home of the Falcons!  I would like to

wish you a rewarding school year and encourage you to become fully involved in academics, athletics,

and in the many activities available at IHS.  This year is going to be exciting and full of opportunities.  You

can help the Falcon Family continue to be strong and successful.  In order to achieve these goals, it is

important that the following policies and rules are followed:

  •       Students must follow the Kern High School District dress code.
  •       Cell phone use is not allowed until after school hours; cell phone policy is posted on our website.
  •       IPODS and other electronic devices are not allowed on campus, and will be confiscated for
    •      parent/guardian pickup only.
    •      This includes cameras, unless they are specifically part a verified school project.
  •       No hats, hoods, do-rags or bandannas allowed during school hours.
  •       Students are not allowed to chew gum on campus.
  •       Students need to be in class, on time, every day.
  •       We are not able to make deliveries to students during school hours unless it is an emergency.
    •      This includes forgotten items such as books, lunch money, etc.
  •       A complete Anti-bullying protocol can be found on our Independence website.
    •        We encourage reporting via any school personnel; this can be done anonymously on
    •        the website as well. 
    •        All potential acts of bullying are thoroughly investigated without exception. 
    •        Reporting can be done via personal contact with staff, email, or via the website which
    •        is directly sent to Dean’s office staff. 
    •        We want our campus to be a safe and comfortable setting for all students.


Consistent daily attendance is a part of academic growth and success.  It’s important to understand

that the Kern High Truancy Reduction Program will be strictly enforced.  Absences must be cleared

by parents or guardians within 72 hoursThe 24-hour hotline number for after school hours is 397-2328.  


We are a closed campus; students will not be excused at lunch for reasons other than those approved

by district and state attendance policies.   Outside lunch delivery is not allowed.  DMV appointments

during school are not an excused absence per state law.


The Dean’s Office is fully committed to student safety and success.  I hope you all have an outstanding

experience at Independence High School.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to

contact the Dean of Students at 834-8001.



Thank you, 

Tim O'Hara 

Dean of Students