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About the Student Advocacy Center

*What It Is*

The Student Advocacy Center is a student-run organization on our campus to serve the student body by providing mentorship, accountability, and problem-solving. Using restorative practices and peer-based conflict resolution, the hope is to build community and encourage students to develop their character. Moreover, the program is meant to improve student life on campus and at home. Learning healthy problem-solving skills from their mentors, the mentees can improve their grades and relationships. We are committed to empowering students and maintaining confidentiality to create a welcoming environment.

Mission Statement

*Company Quote/What We Want to Do*

Our mission is to support, assist, and guide our students toward a positive educational experience, built for the students, by the students.

Theory of Practice/Action for the Student Advocacy Center

*How We’ll Do It*

We are committed to empowering our student body through conflict resolution practices, mindfulness, and improved social relations to implement healthy and positive connections throughout our campus.