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Counseling Staff Contact Information

Caseload/Position E-mail Phone Ext.
Counselor Request
AVID 9-12 Grades/ELD/Independent Studies/Head Counselor Nicole Adame 60143 Ms. Adame's Request Form
Agriculture Counselor, 9-12 Lori Churchman 60145 Mrs. Churchman's Request Form
Class of 2027 Counselor Lisa Stephens 60134 Ms. Stephens' Request Form
Class of 2026 Counselor Rebeccah Kwon 60139 Ms.Kwon's Request Form
Class of 2025 Counselor Alicia Martinez 60144 Mrs. Martinez's Request Form
Class of 2024 Counselor Theresa Rubio 60133 Mrs. Rubio's Request Form
11-12 Credit Recovery & Foster Youth Patricia Janousek 60137 Mrs. Janousek's Request Form
Intervention Counselor Traci Tipton    
Program Specialist--Special Education Kendra Harper 60189  
Guidance Tech. Linda Hoyt 60141  
Counseling Secretary Vanessa Bejarano 60020  
College Success Coach (Cal Soap)   Cal Soap Request Form
Registrar Maricela Salazar 60017  
Social Worker
Angelica Barajas 60138  
Community Specialist, Parent Center Dolores DeLeon 60142  
Interventionist Guadalupe Gonzalez 60311  
Substance Abuse Specialist Jerome Piper 60311  
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