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Dean's Office

Info from the Deans of Student Behavior and Supports,


Welcome to the 2023-24 school year Falcons! 

We would like to wish you a rewarding school year and encourage you to get involved in school-related activities.  We want to continue to support our R.I.S.E. (PBIS) ideals as a school and make EVERY student feel included.

To achieve our goals, it is important to follow our school-wide expectations and rules.



The Kern High School District does not tolerate bullying of any sort.

We encourage reporting via any school personnel; this can be done anonymously through a link on the top of the Independence High School website, as shown below:

Tip line


All potential acts of bullying are thoroughly investigated without exception.

Reporting can be done via email or the website which is directly sent to the Dean’s Office staff.

We want our campus to be a safe and comfortable setting for all students.


Consistent daily attendance is a part of academic growth and success. Students need to be in class, on time, every day.  It’s important to understand the Kern High Truancy Reduction Program will be strictly enforced. 

Absences must be cleared by parents or guardians within 72 hoursThe 24-hour absence hotline number for after-school hours is 397-2328We are a closed campus and outside lunch, delivery is not allowed


The Dean’s Office is fully committed to student safety and success.  We hope you have an outstanding experience here at Independence High School. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Crystal Barker or Steve Napier, Deans of Student Behaviors and Supports.