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Parent FAQ’s

Parent Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I make an appointment with my student’s counselor?
Counseling appointments can be made in the counseling office at any time during school hours. Parents can make an appointment by calling their child’s counselor at 834-8001.

Q. When can my student change their classes?
Students have multiple opportunities to change their classes. The first opportunity is in May, during preferencing, when a student is given their preliminary list of courses for the coming year. The second opportunity is in August (before school starts) during Pre-Counseling when students are given their preliminary schedule. Lastly, students can change their classes during the first week of school if their scheduling issue falls within the reasons below.

Q. What class change requests will not be approved?
Teacher requests; Period-to-period changes; Requests to take a class with friends; PE a certain period because of the weather (too hot or cold).

Q. What class change requests will be allowed?
The only class changes that will be allowed are as follows: seniors needing a graduation requirement, missing a grade level required course, less than 6 classes on student’s schedule, has already taken course previously with a “C” or better, missing periods or 2 classes listed the same period, has passed course listed (Summer School or in previous years), or for a level change.

Q. How long does my student have to change a class once the school year begins?
Students normally have 2 weeks from the first day of each semester to change a class. However, only valid reasons to change will be processed.

Q. How do I subscribe to “Parent VUE” (online grading system)?
If you want online access to your students’ grades before they are mailed home, their schedule, their teacher’s email addresses, and daily attendance, sign up for parent VUE. You may obtain access with your child’s DOB and universal ID number by clicking here or bring a picture ID to your child’s school. Questions? Call 834-8001.


Early is Better!
As a general rule of thumb, requesting, or taking care of things before they become a problem will benefit your student the most. For example, if your student needs a copy of their transcript, please make sure all debt is paid, and give the registrar 24 hours to process the request.

Utilize IHS Resources to Ensure Academic Success
A common question asked of the counselors at IHS is, “What can I do to get my son/daughter back on track academically?” There are several steps that parents can take:

Require 2 Hours of Homework: Sunday to Thursday two hours minimum. Don’t give in on this one. Don’t believe the, “I don’t have any homework” or the “I did all my homework at school”. If you need reinforcement, email the teacher or check Parent VUE to set the record straight.

Tutoring: For the IHS tutoring schedule, please see our website: Tutoring Schedule

Click on Departments; scroll down to Counseling; click on Tutorial Program.

Online Tutoring:

Students can make use of an extensive library of content, including interactive challenges, assessments, and videos from any computer with access to the web.

ParentVUE/StudentVUE: In addition to the progress reports, quarter grades, and semester grades sent home, parents and students have access to an online grading system called Synergy. This is a portal where parents and students can check attendance, current grades, test scores, quiz scores and graded assignments at any time.

If you would like access to Synergy, please click here

Designated Study Area: Possibly the kitchen table, or any room that is quiet and uncluttered with a specific study time agreed upon between parents and students can make a difference as can parent interest and supervision.